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City to install automated metering system

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Recently, the City of Marlow contracted with Utility Technology Services, Inc. to install automated electric and water meters throughout the city. These meters will eliminate costly manual meter reading and improve service and accuracy.

Here are some things you as a City of Marlow utility customer need to know:

  1. Both your electric meter and water meter will be replaced beginning Jan. 15, 2018.
  2. Due to aging meters, it is possible that not all of your electric and water usage has been properly metered. Therefore, you may experience a slightly higher bill in some cases because of more accurate meters. The rates did not change, but your usage is now, or will be, more accurately metered.
  3. The meters transmit readings every hour via a unique radio frequency.
  4. Should you experience a high bill, the City of Marlow utility billing department at City Hall may be able to help you better pinpoint high usage times through better data made available through automatic meters.
  5. Electric shut-offs will now be made at City Hall rather than at the meter, once full implementation of meters is complete.
  6. The overall cost of the system is $1.3 million. The municipal authority trustees and city council have financed that amount through a current debt. As such, it has no impact on the budget for the next three years, and will be completely paid for in 10 years.

This is only a small amount of a large-scale project, should you have more questions, feel free to contact City Hall at 580-658-5401, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.