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City declares emergency amid pandemic

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City of Marlow Declares State of Emergency Over COVID-19

City to close some facilities, cancel activities and meetings in City-owned facilities until April 12

 (MARLOW OKLAHOMA / March 16, 2020) — Due to a recently confirmed case of COVID-19 in Oklahoma, Mayor Brian Davis has declared a state of emergency in Marlow in response to the spreading COVID-19 virus.

 This declaration is to make every attempt to reduce the spread of the virus, and in no way to perpetuate panic.

 This declaration closes some City-owned facilities, cancels events and meetings, and highly encourages local restaurants, bars and businesses to impose strict social distancing measures. It will begin Tuesday, March 17 at 12 a.m. and will remain in effect until Sunday, April 12—but it can be extended if need be.

 The City-owned facilities that will be closed during this time are listed below:

  • Marlow Community Center in Redbud Park
  • Garland Smith Public Library
  • Redbud Chapel

All core City services will remain operational and all City employees will report to work as usual.

This declaration includes the cancellation of all rental of the Marlow Community Center in Redbud Park, all use of the Garland Smith Public Library, and rental of the Redbud Chapel. Park gatherings shall be limited, though residents are still permitted to use Marlow’s parks. Individual use of the lake will be allowed. Municipal Court dockets will continue as scheduled. Planning Commission meetings are cancelled during this time.

Marlow City Council and Marlow Municipal Authority will meet as usual and remain open to the public, although steps will be taken to maintain social distancing for in-person attendees.

In addition, the City strongly encourages the cancellation of all in-person gatherings. Restaurants, bars and similar facilities are encouraged to limit the number of patrons allowed inside and to pursue take-out or delivery options. Gym facilities are also encouraged to discontinue group activities.

“Despite the disruption to local businesses and residents, the spread of COVID-19 is a serious public health emergency,” said Mayor Brian Davis. “Taking aggressive measures now to minimize the spread of this virus is paramount to protecting the lives of all members of our community. The City will continue to monitor developments as this situation evolves and core services will remain open to serve citizens.

See updates and information from the Center for Disease Control at  https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-nCoV/index.html


Contact: City Administrator Jason McPherson